10+ Cacti Facts [Watering, Nutrition, & Мore]

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“Don’t judge me”, I whisper as I carry another cactus past my fiancé. We went to get a living room table, so how did we end up with yet another prickly baby? With a huge cacti-lover like me, it’s bound to keep on happening. We go to Ikea and come back with 12 plates and three plants. He takes me out on a date, I take him to a flower shop and acquire yet another pointy friend. These cacti facts are the result of the huge love I have for the plants which are nearly impossible to kill. Although I’ve improved since killing every leafy thing in my house, and can now introduce more variety, cacti still hold a special place in my heart.

Cacti Facts That’ll Make You Go “(W)ow!”

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love these.

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Size Matters

1.The smallest cactus species is Blossfeldia liliputana.

Measuring at only 12 mm, we could also argue it’s the most adorable one. Just imagine having dozens of these nesting in the pot!

2.The highest cactus ever recorded was 23.8 meters (78 feet) tall.

From 12mm to over 20 meters – that’s how diverse cacti are! This impressive specimen lived until 1986. When it comes to cactus Saguaro facts, there’s hardly anything more interesting than this. Meanwhile, the tallest living cactus is one of Pachycereus pringlei.

Thorns and Nutrition

3.The sharpest cactus is Cylindropuntia Bigelovii.

Don’t let the nickname “teddy-bear cholla” fool you. These boys may look cute and fuzzy, but their spines have barbs which latch onto your skin and won’t let go. So if you have a tendency of running into things, you may want to stay away from cylindropuntia bigelovii.

4.Prickly pear cactus facts state it helps with diabetes, high cholesterol, hangovers, and obesity.

Who knew something so prickly could be so beneficial? Its leaves, stems, flowers, and of course fruit, can easily be incorporated into a healthy diet.

5.Nopal cactus contains antioxidants and helps protect nerve cells.

The benefits of eating cacti don’t stop with Prickly pear! Cactus nutrition facts clearly state that Nopal can help you regulate your blood sugar, and even has antiviral properties. Just make sure you’ve removed all the thorns first, or the antioxidants will come in real handy!

All About Water

6.Some cacti species can go two whole years without water.

How impressive is that?! Now, I’ll have to disappoint you – that goes for outdoor cacti mostly. Thanks to the thick stems, storing water is a no-brainer for them. Meanwhile, indoor cacti should be watered roughly once every month.

7.Cactus water facts say its spines help it collect fog.

If you thought the sole purpose of the thorns was to keep every living thing but crazy cactus ladies away, you were wrong. The truth is, spines are modified leaves which collect water from fog and help a cactus store it.

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Family, Gender, and Everything in Between

8.There are approximately 2,500 cacti species out there.

So the next time your husband asks “how many are you planning on having?”, that’s the number you give him.

9.According to cacti facts, they can live up to 200 years.

Now, don’t expect your house cactus to outlive you, as some species do only live 10 or so years. However, when it comes to the outdoor ones, they can outlive the most stubborn of tortoises. Desert cactus facts are clear on this matter.

10.Cacti of both genders can grow flowers.

If you haven’t had much success with your cacti blooming (I know I haven’t for a long time!), you probably thought – “Eh, he’s likely a boy, tough luck”. As it turns out, cacti are more gender equal than any of us believed.

11.Cacti can be found even in Alaska and Antarctica.

Cactus habitat facts tend to focus on the fact these strange creatures are native to North America and Mexico. But dig deeper and you’ll find some of the most stubborn species can even survive in these cold, cold parts of the planet. According to cactus facts about adaptation, some of those include the Prickly Pear and Cholla.

In Conclusion, Cacti Rock

There you have it, cacti lovers! Whether you wanted to know more about watering it, making it grow flowers, or which one should be on your menu first, I got you covered. I hope these cacti facts helped you determine which cactus you’re buying next, and I have my fingers crossed for you that it blooms in no time.





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