How to Potty Train a Kitten Fast [Tried & Tested]

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The story behind this “How to potty train a kitten fast” guide is a heartwarming one, but if you want to skip right to the tips, I won’t blame you!

Our Story Behind Tips on Litter Training a Kitten

A couple of days ago, my fiancé and I were blessed with the most adorable kitten. What’s more, it was completely unexpected.

Sometime in the late morning, we heard a knock on the door. My fiancé’s brother, who lives in the house next door, invited us to see this adorable kitten outside our shared front yard. As soon as we came out, the kitten looked towards us, jumped through the fence, jumped up a whole step and threw itself into my fiance’s hands. It was like something out of a movie and, having pondered over getting a cat for a while now, we knew we had to keep it.

After feeding it, we got a kitty litter from the attic, filled it up, and started figuring out how to toilet train a kitten.

How to Potty Train a Kitten: 6 First-Hand-Experience Tips

Tip #1: Show the Litter to the Kitten and Take it There From Time to Time.

Introducing your small, impressionable, yet completely inexperienced kitten to the litter is a good start, but not enough to teach it where it should do the number 1’s and 2’s. Your apartment, no matter how small, is an entirely new universe to this fluffy creature. Therefore, it’s unlikely it will instantly remember where what goes. To toilet train a kitten, whenever you’re going past the litter, take the kitty with you. Make sure to also take it there 10 minutes after every meal/drink, as that’s when kittens usually need to go.

Tip #2: No Bed Sharing the First Few Days.

Boy oh boy, did we make a mistake with that one. So, after being shown multiple times throughout the day where it should be going to the toilet, our little kitty won us over by peeing in there every single time. No pee-stained floors, beds, or sofas – it seemed like we’ve gotten ourselves a little genius! And as we were going to sleep, we left the little one on a sofa in the living room. Up until then, it seemed to us the answer to “How to litter train a 6-week old kitten?” had a simple answer – show it where the litter is a couple of times.

Around 3am, my fiancé wakes up and decides to go and see how the kitten is doing. It’s fast asleep on the sofa still, and everything seems just dandy. However, my fiancé wakes it up and it follows him into our bed. Cute, right?


Because the first thing this little monster does is – it poops and pees right on my side of the bed. The positive thing? Means I’m clearly the favorite. The negative one is, well, obvious.

Tip #3: Prepare to be Tough.

The following day, we went to a birthday party. The kitty was all good when we came back, but alas, our bed has suffered another round of peeing. That’s when we added a new entry to our list of tips to potty train a kitten.

And it wasn’t an easy one.

When we saw we’d be changing our sheets for the second time in 20 hours, we decided some consequences were in order. Mind you, they weren’t stark. All we did was take the kitten and put his head to the peed-on zone for a couple of seconds, then take it to the litter. Still, seeing it squirm around, this little ball the size of your hand, it’s not an easy thing… And neither is the next step you have to take if your kitten won’t litter train.

Tip #4: Have the Kitten Sleeping in a Separate Room for a Couple of Nights.

That night, we took its food, water, and litter, and moved it all to our bathroom. It was warm, we even set some towels so it has a soft place to sleep on, we left the light on, and went to our own bed.

Was it difficult imagining it all alone in there? Terribly so. For the first time in my life, I was happy to hear my fiancé snoring, since that meant I wouldn’t hear the kitty in case it starts meowing in sorrow.

The next morning, at 6am, the alarm rings and I jump out of the bed to see how the little one is doing. I find him asleep, food eaten, and no sign of it going to the toilet anywhere else but the litter. Whether our kitty potty training was entirely successful was left to be seen.

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