How to Use a Small Space Effectively

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Our house is fairly small – it measures roughly 60sqm. Add to that the fact one of the rooms is out of the question (as it currently serves as the boiler room) and we’re left with a continuous space with no doors, save for the bathroom. And yet, we’ve built a cozy space where I can work, work out, and where we can throw a party every once in a while. So, how do we use a small space effectively creatively?

One Word: Walls

Walls are your best friends in small spaces, especially if you have a high ceiling. We used a partition wall with cut-out squares to not only separate the living room from the bedroom, but to place some stuff on it, too. It’s now home to quite a few books, a gramophone, LPs, photo albums, a TV, speakers, and some other details.

Walls are also a great option when it comes to bookshelves. I’m eyeing a couple of hexagon-shaped ones I can combine in different ways. Use walls for paintings, for kitchend elements, spice holders… There are so many options!

Still Walls, But Different Ideas

This time, it’s all about not eating up your space by putting stuff in the middle of the room. Place your couch next to the wall, and do the same for tables and shelves. In the middle of the room, you can have a tiny table – ideally, one with two levels and extra space, or in our case, three tiny tables which can be placed under each other.

Window Sills Are Your Friends

I can’t even begin to tell you how many miraculously alive plants I have on my window sill! And then there’s books, lamps, and the perfect little place where I put my coffee during lazy mornings. And if you’re a cacti lover like me, here’s some stuff you might find fun – and useful.

Use White Walls and Mirrors

If this sounds strange to you, you’ve never seen an example of how to make a small space look bigger with the help of bright walls and mirrors. We have a giant mirror on the outer door of our wardrobe, which spreads through the living and bedroom. It makes that entire space look twice its size! And of course, all our walls are white for the same reason.

So, How to Use Small Space Effectively?

Whenever people visit us, they mention how cozy they feel, while my friends who also work from home praise my spacey setup. The secret lies in walls, window sills, mirrors, and color white. Sound easy? That’s because it is! All you need is a pinch of creativity.


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