Surviving The Two Week Wait [And Staying Sane]

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This is the first month my fiancé and I decided to not only “throw caution to the wind”, but to actually try to make a kid. It was so exciting to make such a huge decision together! My body being incredibly sensitive in all things uterus, I knew exactly which day I was ovulating (thanks, Mittelschmerz). We did the deed both two days prior and on that very day. Now all that was left was – surviving the two week wait.

How It’s Going

Today I’m 9 DPO, and I am freaking out. Not because I changed my mind or anything, it’s precisely the opposite. With no sharp pains or implantation bleeding in sight, I keep asking myself: what if we didn’t manage to make a kid, even though he’s only 29 and I only 26? What if, with all the dedication – me not smoking, having drank two small 3.9% beers in the last 20 days, exercising, and taking my folic acid pills – we still weren’t capable of doing it? Who’s to say we’ll be able to next month, or in three months? What if there’s something wrong with one of us?

Google Time!

For the first two days of bliss, I could barely do anything but think “my body could be making a baby right now!”. Then I started scraping the internet for any piece of information which could assure me I had 2-week wait symptoms. And let me tell you, if you dig deep enough, there’s no belief someone on the internet won’t support.

Surviving The Two Week Wait: What to Expect

In short, if you’re also in that 2-week wait, here’s what you can expect to feel, think, and do. Down below, there will also be some tips on surviving it.

You’ll Be Overthinking Every Single Bodily Sensation

Ever since day 4 (which is WAY too early to feel any symptoms), I kept overthinking. Every itch, any small bloating or barely noticeable pain – I was all over it! My overthinking and over-awareness got worse as the days progressed. Day 6 was the first day when it was biologically possible to start feeling the two week wait pregnancy symptoms. That’s when I got very uncomfortable pelvic pain which lasted for an hour or so. Now, this one I know I didn’t imagine, but I experienced some gas issues as well. So while a part of me wanted to attribute it to implantation cramps, a more reasonable part of me tried to convince that part it was the bagels I had earlier, and all the gasses I couldn’t let out in front of my visitors. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Internet Will Be Your Best Friend – And Your Worst Enemy

During the first few days of surviving the two week wait will turn out, I was so excited. I was reading up on what I can expect, how I could recognize pregnancy even before my period was late, etc. I studied every single page writing about a myriad of different symptoms. But as the days progressed and there were no clear signs such as implantation bleeding, I started getting desperate. I would spend hours reading about different women’s experiences, just to confirm we’re all different.

Therefore, the lack of symptoms doesn’t really mean we weren’t successful. While some women only spot, others mistake their heavy bleeding for a period. Meanwhile, some get mild pains, and others describe it as worse than menstrual cramps. The ultimate truth is – you can’t know for sure. Not until the two week wait torture is over and you either get your period, or a positive test (after which you should immediately do these).

Prepare For Disappointment

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One thing I’ve started doing since day 6 is going to the bathroom hopeful that once I wipe I’ll see some light pink traces. Then I could be almost certain we did it! But the lack of it wasn’t the worst part. Yesterday evening, I started feeling some very mild cramps, which I usually start feeling a week before getting my period. And would you know it, I’m supposed to be getting my period less than a week from now. I got so bummed out!

Now, granted, The Internet does say implantation cramps don’t have to be sharp, shooty, fluttery feelings – they can feel like milder period cramps. However, I am still reluctant to get my hopes up. One huge reason is that I’ve recently gone vegetarian, which has made my last period two days shorter, and made my PMS and period cramps almost non-existent. So I don’t want to let myself get all hopeful only to wake up to bright-red panties in five days.

If you’ve been trying for some time to no avail, some programs like the Getting Pregnant Plan swear by their methods. Alternatively, you may want to get a fertility kit first.

Surviving the Two Week Wait: Do’s And Dont’s

Now that I’m more than halfway into it, I understood a lot about the do’s and don’ts of surviving the two week wait will, so here they are.


  • Make sure you improve your chances of getting pregnant
    • These include avoiding smoking, excessive drinking, having a balanced diet, knowing what kind of exercise is good for you… Essentially, do all that’s up to you.
  • Stay aware of your chances.
    • One thing that’s been helping me out is knowing that even healthy women in their 20’s only have a 33% chance of getting pregnant each month. So if it’s not working out right away, it may not be up to you, but up to chance.
  • Stay in touch with your body.
    • Any sensation that’s new for you, write it down, remember when it happened, and understand what it might mean. But once that’s done…


  • Overthink it.
    • This will only result in stress which isn’t a great atmosphere for a baby, and it will confuse you when you’re suddenly feeling so many sensations, and attributing each of them to pregnancy. Even if your two week wait seems to be going with no symptoms, it’s okay – it doesn’t have to mean anything.
  • Feel down if you feel your period coming.
  • Be certain you’re pregnant as soon as you’ve done the deed.
    • This is one of the most important two week wait tips. Should it turn out you aren’t pregnant, it could seriously affect your mental wellbeing. And while your internet endeavors will tell you some moms claim “they knew as soon as the egg was fertilized”, I honestly don’t buy it. It’s more likely they wanted it so much they were certain about it, and they would have been certain had they been pregnant or not.

Probably the best advice I’ve heard while browsing forums and YouTube videos was: just think of it as fun times with the person you love. You’re there, you’re having sex, you’re enjoying yourselves, and at least in the first six months, try not to overthink it. After all, what you’re doing is extending that love to a future genetic combination of you two, so try not to worry too much too soon, and surviving the two week wait will turn out to be a lot easier.


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