What To Do As Soon As You Find Out You’re Pregnant

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As it turns out, the most incredible thing happened: we conceived on our first try! On 14DPO, I started getting all the symptoms of a period, plus some extra painful low back, and I was sure that was it – I got my water bottle and even put a panty liner on. But nothing else happened – a tea was enough to calm the cramps (I didn’t want to take medication just in case), and the cramps never returned.

Thinking about how weird that was, I decided to run to the pharmacy the next day and get a pregnancy test. The result? A vague, vague positive.

So vague, in fact, two of my friends and my fiance told me “nah, you’re not pregnant”. I however, was certain of the opposite. The next morning I took another test, and the line grew darker. Two days later, it was almost as dark as the test line.

I didn’t know how to feel. Yes, we wanted a kid, and I was so happy we did it so soon, but I just couldn’t understand that a tiny human being – half me, half the person I love – is growing inside me. It was unfathomable. But slowly I came to understand it and I grew so happy, excited, and – afraid. What if something goes wrong? How would I know? So in order to bring that possibility to a bare minimum, here’s what to do when you find out you’re pregnant, which I did ASAP.

What To Do when You Find Out You’re Pregnant

1. Thought about my diet.

I was already eating pretty healthy, but I decided to dive deeper into what foods I should and shouldn’t eat now. As it turns out, unpasteurized milk, some fish, sushi, any undercooked meat or eggs, soft cheeses, pre-packaged salads – they’re all a big NO! So is any junk food. I started wondering if there is anything I can eat. After the initial shock, though, turns out I can – plenty of fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, un-processed, well-cooked meat…

2. Adjusted my workouts.

While a tiny human was brewing inside me, I was doing rope skipping, a bunch of ab exercises, and losing my breath for 30 minutes a day. I stuck to exercise for months! After finding out I’m pregnant, I decided to only stick to yoga, light walks, and, starting today, pilates. Among my early pregnancy symptoms was extreme fatigue, which made it hard to keep up the same level of exercise as before. The good news is, by the end of the first trimester, the fatigue was gone!

3. Accepted cramps as normal.

The first time I got cramps after that non-period, I started freaking out. Then, I started freaking out even about that non-period thingy. I read the entire google and watched so much YouTube just looking for proof that occasional cramps are normal. And you know what? They are! So I decided not to pay attention to them as long as they don’t really hurt, and as long as there’s no bleeding. And that helped calm my anxiety a bit. Be sure that’s on your “what to do when you find out you’re pregnant” list.

3. Found a way to make hydration fun.

I got really into infused water, especially that with lemon or strawberries. You cut it, put it in your favorite water bottle, add water and a bit of ice, and let it sit in a fridge. Mwah! Trust me, your body will be asking for so much water it’s insane, and for me, this helps make it feel like a lifestyle choice instead of a chore.

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Finally, one thing I didn’t do, and I so wish I had on my “what to do when you find out you’re pregnant” list is-

4. Made a plan about handling smokers.

Just last night, we had a group of four over. And sure, we were sitting outside, I was avoiding the smoke as much as possible, but still this morning I felt so guilty. Why didn’t I tell them to just cut it while they’re here? Or go a bit farther? Because I didn’t really think about how I’d handle it until it actually happened. So if some people close to you are smokers, make a plan about what you want to do with them, and how you’re going to go about it, so you’re ready when the situation actually comes.

There are plenty more things to think about (some more lighthearted ones as well) – who are you going to tell, when… But that’s something I’ll cover in one of my future blogs!


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