Pregnancy Anxiety Affirmations That Help Me Calm My Mind

Pregnancy Anxiety Affirmations That Help Me Calm My Mind - featured image

If you’re in the first trimester still like I am, it’s normal for your mind to be racing. Every little twinge and discomfort makes you feel uneasy and worried, and the people around you telling you to “stay calm” are probably not helping, either. What does help me stay calm are a couple of things, including affirmations, the benefits of which I’ve already written about. And while I wholeheartedly support writing your own pregnancy anxiety affirmations, ones that apply to your specific feelings and worries, I’m fairly certain you’ll find these to be helpful, too.

For an in-depth look into anxiety and exercises to beat it, here’s my guide along with printables.

If you find that you’re still feeling anxious, schedule a coaching session with yours truly, a psychologist and a mom.

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Pregnancy Anxiety Affirmations To Calm You Down

I trust my body to know what to do.

My baby and I are healthy and strong.

The changes I’m feeling are natural and a sign my baby is growing.

I am safe. My baby is safe.

My body developed this pregnancy because it is healthy and able. My body will continue this pregnancy because it is healthy and able.

I welcome the discomforts of this pregnancy because they are a sign my baby is here.

I am grateful to my body for creating this miracle, and I trust it to grow and protect this baby.

My baby is healthy and growing inside of my womb.

I am doing all I can to allow this baby to grow and develop, and the baby can feel it.

I deserve to be a mother, and I will welcome a healthy, strong baby into this world.

While these pregnancy anxiety affirmations should help reassure you when you’re feeling slight discomforts, in case you experience any serious symptoms such as strong, persistent pain or heavy bleeding, please contact your OB/GYN immediately.


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