How to Achieve That 50s Housewife Look [Dresses, Hair, Makeup]

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A couple of years back, I fell absolutely in love with the 50’s fashion! And while I’m glad women moved on from having to be just housewives and listen to their husbands 24/7, I’m glad we can still appreciate the 1950s fashion. All it takes to get that 50’s housewife look is a good dress, nice hair, bombastic makeup, and not too over-the-top heels. Here’s how to get them all done!


About two years ago, this wonderful store popped up on my Instagram profile. They weren’t expensive and their dresses were gorgeous, so I decided to give them a go. I did not regret it! The quality is great, the colors are popping, and they look exactly like 50s style dresses should look.


You may be proud of your legs and like showing off as much of them as possible – but if you’re a 50’s housewife, knee-long (or even a bit longer) dresses are the way to go. You still get to show off some skin, but keep it classy and keep them wondering!


50’s dresses tend to be tight from the waist up, with short sleeves (longer ones if it’s cold out) and free-flowing from the waist down. They can be any color at all, which is what I love about them – for now, I have yellow, blue, and pink ones. Red and green were also big at the time! If they have polka dots or if they’re checkered – bingo! Short, cute collars and waistbands are another win for 50s fashion, and needless to say, you can combine skirts and shirts just the same. But in that case, nice belts are a must!

Here’s me in one of my favorites!


Another thing I love about 50s fashion for women is that you can have a lovely hairstyle with very little effort – and yet, if you want that extra pizzaz, with a bit more work, you can look even more gorgeous. Here’s what a 50’s hairstyle takes.

Curls, Curls Everywhere!

If you have a curling iron at home, you’ll find this all much easier. But even if you have those regular plastic ones, they’ll still work (they did for me for the longest time!) Before you do anything else, get those curls going – then you have a couple of choices.

Curled At The Ends

The simplest hairstyle to go with to get that 50s look is simply to curl the ends of your hair outward. This can look especially good if you have short, thick bangs. Alternatively, you can take the front of your hair and curl it toward one side, put it at the top, then fix it with some bobby pins for a low-effort pinup.

Pinup Hair

This is by far my favorite one! It takes a lot more skill, more time, and plenty more bobby pins, but once you get it done (this video can help), you’ll fall in love with it. Here are a few simple options:

And they work with every hair color!

Use A Headkerchief

With this little detail, you can simply put up your hair, curl the bangs inward, and have a fabulous hairstyle. You can also use it if you have a pinup at the front and hair curled outward in the back. Or combine the two – pinup + hair tied back. The possibilities are endless – and a red headkerchief can really make that entire style pop!

These are some of my favorites that I recommend starting with, but there are plenty more to discover if you’re going for a 50s housewife look.

Make Up

Finally, once you have the dress and the hair, it’s time to decide on the makeup. You’ll want to keep your brows relatively thin, use a strong, red or dark pink lipstick, have a short eyeliner wing, and thick, nice eyelashes. Finally, abuse the bronzer and you’ll be good to go!

As I already said, get some short heels (even on top of some socks), get your 1950 style dresses, and you’ll be rocking that 50s housewife look in no time!


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  1. I absolutely love these styles and think it can look so beautiful to incorporate into how we dress these days.. Thanks for the inspiration!

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