Why I Loved Having an Intimate Wedding

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I was never the type of girl to have a wedding diary since she was 6, and definitely not anything like Monica Geller used to have! I never dreamed of a perfect wedding with 500 people and 20 bridesmaids. For the longest time, I didn’t even dream of a wedding. It wasn’t until I met my (now) husband that I even wanted to get married.

Lucky for me, he didn’t want a big wedding, either. My father was disappointed, but I was absolutely sure that’s what I wanted. What you get with a huge wedding is a day in which you’re surrounded by tons of people, many of which you barely know, breaking your back trying to make everyone feel included. Half of them like the music, half of them don’t. Half of them enjoy the food, the other half talk about how tasteless it is. And boy, do people get bored! There are exceptions, of course, but my experience with big weddings is – I sit around for six hours while the bride and the groom run around trying to make everyone happy, and old boring men whine about everything.

That’s not something I wanted for us.

On July 17th 2021, we had a municipal wedding. After that, we took our families and best women (!) to a wonderful lunch. There was only 14 of us. We ate, they drank, I sipped on juice, we laughed, took photos, and then we went home to prepare for the evening party. Our closest friends and cousins showed up – merely 30 of them – we talked, laughed, drank, and they left at 2:30am. Thanks to our two balconies and my parents in laws’ huge house, no one was without room or bored. We checked out the gifts we got and went to bed at 3am happier than ever!

The next day, we had all our photos done (sure helped that my brother’s girlfriend is a pro!), showed them around to anyone who came by, we ate the excess cake and food, and loved choosing to host a small wedding.

So if you don’t feel like spending a fortune over a stressful day simply because all girls dream about it – don’t! I promise you, you will feel much better spending it with those dear to you, without a care in the world. Plus, you still get to look gorgeous and cause sighs.


A 27-year-old married mom-to-be, trying to have it all. I have a full-time job I enjoy, a home I’m in love with, and plenty of hobbies I try my best to have the time for. A psychologist by vocation, with the goal of helping young women live their best lives.

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