5 Ways to Spend a Wonderful Summer at Home

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Remember when you were in high school/college, had no money to travel to cool places, yet could come up with the best summer fun ideas at home? You would go out with friends, go to gigs, sit in a park, and simply enjoy being alive and not having to wake up at a set time!

In my case, I’d read a ton of books, watch so many TV shows, go out (often against my parents’ wishes) and stay until the morning sun would rise, having a great summer at home. But as we grow up, we start comparing ourselves to others so much more, and we begin wanting more, always more. I know that has been the case with me lately. Everyone and their mother is at the seaside while I’m here pregnant and waiting for all my documents to be re-issued to to the surname change. And yet, I don’t realize how lucky I am! I have a huge yard, three wonderful balconies, a wonderful man with me, a flexible full-time, stable job that allows me to schedule my day however I want and – I have a pool in front of my house!

So, realizing all that, I decided to write a piece for all those who sometimes feel the way I feel. Here are five simple ways to have some summer fun at home!

Go to (Or Install a) Pool

Like I already mentioned, I am lucky enough that my husband’s family decided to purchase a 36sqm pool for their yard. I can just get my bathing suit on, put on some sunscreen, jump in any time, then get the towel and sunbathe in the yard. If you have the option to do that, I wholeheartedly recommend it! And if not, a city pool or even a nice nearby lake are a great option as well for some summer water fun.

Make Your Balcony Cozy

One thing I always missed having at my parents’ house is a balcony. Here, I got three, and one of those isn’t shared by my in-laws, so it’s just ours. We decided to re-do it – new wooden fence freshly colored, a bunch of easy to care for plants, and we’re planning on adding a quickset on the side so the sun isn’t as strong. I love waking up and sitting out there in the early mornings when it’s still fresh, drinking decaff (thanks, baby) and reading a book all on my own. You can also grab a laptop and watch a show, write something – anything at all! At times, we even grab a puzzle and start working at it ferociously. Either way, this should definitely be on your summer fun list.

Make a List of Books to Read

Speaking of books – visiting other cities and countries is great, but it does mean you have to give up the time you could be using otherwise. I am constantly whining how there’s never enough time to read all the books I want – I’m still on One flew over the cuckoos nest when a bunch of Stephen Kings and an Esther Perel are calling to me from the bookshelf. So why not use your summer at home to read all those books you’ve always wanted to read? (And preferably something lovely and light instead of my current choice!)

Make a List of TV Shows/Movies to Watch

Similarly, Netflix, HBO, Disney+ are full of interesting TV shows and movies to watch, and more and more keep on coming! So instead of sleeping in late, sitting around, feeling sorry for yourself that you won’t have a dream vacation for whatever reason, make a list of your top 20 TV shows and top 20 movies to see. Every early morning can be a new movie opportunity, and every night can be a date night, a girls’ night in, or a cozy self-serenade.

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Find New Places/Events in Town

When we’ve spent our entire lives in one city, we tend to forget there are many places and experiences in it we’re missing out on. So find some great places in town you might have missed. I for one know I’ve never been to a riverbank, despite us having some great ones. I haven’t been to some lovely coffeeshops, restaurants, not to mention museums! And yet, every time I travel, I go to a bunch of them. So, don’t neglect what your town has to offer: pick a lovely spot, be it a park, a promenade, a play, or a gig, and use the money you would have spent on traveling seeing some equally lovely things.


One huge downside of social media is that we get to see the very best of others’ lives – and compare ours to theirs. So instead of sighing over the perfect turquoise sea and sandy beaches, make the most of your own summer at home – the time for travel and foreign cities will certainly come.


A 27-year-old married mom-to-be, trying to have it all. I have a full-time job I enjoy, a home I’m in love with, and plenty of hobbies I try my best to have the time for. A psychologist by vocation, with the goal of helping young women live their best lives.

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