Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms No One Tells You About

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Table of Contents:

  1. My Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms
    1. Migraines.
    2. Sharp Pains in the Lower Abdomen.
    3. No Morning Sickness, Nausea, or Weird Cravings.
    4. Disappearing Symptoms.
    5. Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms no One Tells You About: The Bottom Line

When you’re eager to conceive, one of the first things you start doing is checking the entire internet for early pregnancy symptoms. I did the same thing – mommy forums, YouTube, you name it! I was there day and night.

But the thing is, they will tell you of the more usual symptoms. These include fatigue, sore breasts, and sudden cravings. However, every pregnancy is different, and there are some weird early pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about. I know there were a couple for me.

How it Started

I was lucky enough to end my two-week wait early by finding out about my pregnancy the day after I was supposed to menstruate. Thanks to painful ovulation, I knew we DTD on the right few days (thanks, painful ovulation).

Then on 6DPO, I had an hour of pain. It was, in a lack of better description, the crossover between menstrual cramps and painful gas. But because I didn’t get any spotting, and it was our first month trying, I didn’t want to hope it was implantation pain.

Then, the day my period was supposed to come around, I got horrible cramps. They resembled the ones I get around that time – but there was no bleeding. I found that weird, ran to the pharmacy, got a pregnancy test (you can get free ones here) and would you know it – a faint positive was there!

(If you want to know what I did to get pregnant on our very first try, here it is.)

From then on, every time my early pregnancy symptoms got unusual, I would panic. I did find pregnancy affirmations to be really helpful until I could get a sonogram and find out everything was a-okay.

So here’s what my unexpected early pregnancy symptoms (and I’m talking weeks 5-8) were.


This is one of the most surprising early pregnancy symptoms you may not know about. One of the things I’ve often read on my quest of finding out what to expect in the first few weeks is that women who suffer from migraines stop suffering as much when they get pregnant.

So when I experienced the polar opposite, I was a bit scared. I would usually get aural migraines about once a month, or once every two months. And that was the rule for the past 12 years or so.

But since the moment I got pregnant, they would happen 2-3 times a week.

It was horrendous, especially since I’m used to taking pain relief medication as soon as the first visual disturbance occurs. Therefore, I would never experience the pain to its full limit.

Well, not until I wasn’t able to take anything due to the baby being there.

I was in so much pain and felt so useless.

Half the week I was lying in bed, either suffering a migraine or recuperating from one. Among the weird early pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about, this was definitely the most painful and annoying one.

But the important thing is, around week 10, the migraines stopped, and they weren’t anything to worry about in the first place – it was likely just hormones triggering them much more often.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who start getting them more often, try putting a hot water bottle on your head. It worked wonders for me! If it just makes things worse, go the opposite direction and use ice.

Sharp Pains in the Lower Abdomen.

Sharp abdomen pain
Sharp abdomen pain

This would cause me the biggest amount of anxiety up until I was able to see the pregnancy is in the womb, and hear the baby’s heartbeat. Every day I’d get dozens of sharp pains all over my lower abdomen, left, right, and center.

Some would be twinges, others would be menstrual-like cramps.

They’d last a couple of seconds or minutes, then be gone. What’s worse, I knew it was way too early for round ligament pain. It was one of the more nerve-wracking weird symptoms in early pregnancy. Luckily, they were all normal. The rule of the thumb is, unless they hurt real bad or are followed by bleeding, it’s likely nothing to worry about.

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No Morning Sickness, Nausea, or Weird Cravings.

Like I said, getting weird pregnancy symptoms was just as worrying to me as the lack of regular ones. Yes, my breasts were very sore and a lot bigger, and I was battling fatigue to the point I could sleep all afternoon, but the lack of nausea scared me. (Oh, boy, if only I knew it’s nothing to be sad about!)

It did kick in around week 8 or so, but after reading about all the weird cravings and morning sickness battles other women had the second they conceived, I was starting to wonder if something was wrong.

There wasn’t anything wrong. It’s just that each pregnancy is unique, and the symptoms kick in earlier, later, or (if you’re lucky) not at all! My mom was suffering from horrible heartburn right away, my mother-in-law only felt it in her third trimester… And for me, it came about around week 9.

As for cravings, they weren’t nearly a dramatic as most online stories would have you believe. One day I’d crave mayonnaise – nay, I absolutely had to have it, and the very next day I felt sick from it. For a few days, it was donuts, right now it’s pancakes… But there isn’t that one thing I could eat with absolutely everything in the whole wide world!

Disappearing Symptoms.

Not only are certain early pregnancy symptoms uncommon, but they can just disappear into thin air as well. This has been happening to me until fairly recently. For a day or two, virtually all of my symptoms would just vanish. My boobs wouldn’t be painful, there’s be no nausea, no heartburn – nothing.

Of course I’d worry like crazy, but they’d be back in 2-3 days and everything would be back to normal.

Our hormones may be going wild, but they’re also fluctuating

That means that one day will be filled with symptoms that make you want to puke, cry, and stay in bed all at the same time, and the next day you’d be feeling all joyous and full of energy. My advice is, enjoy those days! Worry only if both the regular and weird pregnancy signs and symptoms don’t come back at all after at least a few days.

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms no One Tells You About: The Bottom Line

If you have some symptoms but lack others, it isn’t the end of the world. Migraines and sharp pains were a big source of stress for me, and it still turns out my baby is healthy and growing.

So don’t worry about symptoms being late, disappearing for a day or two, or being all weird and unexpected. Each body is unique and so is each motherhood – so enjoy the good, do the early-pregnancy-must-do’s, try to keep your anxiety at bay, and if you really have cause for worry, contact your OB/GYN instead of re-reading the same forums for the seventh time!


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