Morning Sickness Remedies That Are Bound to Help You

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Morning sickness and nausea in general weren’t among my first pregnancy symptoms. I was secretly wishing they would come, because, isn’t morning sickness a good sign? I kept feeling like something was wrong with me! But once that nausea hit, it was far from fun. I would get morning sickness in the afternoon, evening, even middle of the night. Sometimes plain water was enough to trigger it! I was forcing myself to vomit just to feel some ease, and I was thoroughly unable to look at most foods. However, I did find a couple of morning sickness remedies that made it easier to cope with it.

Eat Something First Thing in the Morning.

And I mean while you’re still in bed. As soon as your alarm goes off, grab a granola bar off your nightstand, eat however much you can, and rest for another five or ten minutes. Morning sickness usually means you can’t eat most foods, but find something bland that works for you: some fruit, even just a piece of toast. Here’s a more detailed list. For me, it didn’t remove the morning sickness entirely, but it did help a lot. Just make sure whatever you’re eating isn’t too greasy, sweet, or, well, tasteful in general.

Munch on Almonds.

I got this advice from someone who’s personally tried it out, and they claim it’s among the best morning sickness remedies out there. Keep a bag of almonds (I tried it with peanuts, but it didn’t have the same result) around at all times. When you feel nauseated, start chewing on them one by one, very slowly. I cannot explain what this does to your body or how it works, but it does seem to work. As a bonus, it also helps with heartburn, something that’s common in all trimesters, second and third included.

Don’t Get Hungry.

This may seem like I’m asking too much, but I realized that if I’m hungry for too long – and I mean, ten minutes or so – my nausea would come back and get worse. So be sure to always have around you something you can eat right away: fruit, toast, nuts… Otherwise, if you’re waiting until your lunch is done, you may be battling more nausea than you need to.

Disclaimer: at times, my morning sickness would actually come after eating – I would crave something, then suddenly get sick after thinking about it. Sound familiar? I realized that it used to happen when I was craving something a bit too much and overeating, so be sure to stop when you should. Another piece of advice: you may have to lay off candy. More often than not, my afternoon or evening nausea was a direct result of sweet, sweet candy.

Rest When You Have To.

A couple of times I found myself thinking: it’s inconvenient to get nauseated now, I’ll just power through it! Shocker: I was not, in fact, able to power through it. Sure, I was getting morning sickness without vomiting, but it was still quite debilitating. Before my pregnancy, I was a vegetarian with a daily workout routine. Suddenly I felt like I was stripped to junk-eating, lying-around mess.

I was – and that’s okay. The first trimester is really hard – so much is changing in your body, and it’s finding a way to adjust to it. Sometimes it’s coping, sometimes you just need to lie down, breathe deep, and wait for it to go away. The important thing to remember is it’s all normal, and a sign you’re carrying a mini-you inside that belly!

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Morning Sickness Remedies: The Bottom Line

Morning sickness during early pregnancy can be difficult to live with – it can easily mess with your daily activities, including work. But the good news is, your morning sickness could be easing as early as at 10 weeks – I know it did for me! And then it’s all smooth sailing.

Hopefully you find some of these morning sickness remedies helpful. If so, let me know in the comments and share what you’re finding helpful!


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