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6 Morning Sickness Food Ideas (That’ll Make Your Life Easier!)

When my morning sickness was at its prime, I had to change my diet so much. I used to be a vegetarian who could eat anything, but now I was suddenly able to eat 10% of my usual foods, and I craved certain things so much I all but refused to eat a meal without them. But then, the very next day, the food I was craving would make me feel sick, so I was all out of morning sickness food ideas.

It was a journey full of trials and errors, but certain foods remained constantly okay with my stomach. I presume the reason is that they’re neither greasy, nor too sweet – but worry not, ’cause they’re not all bland, either!

So here are some morning sickness foods that worked great during my early pregnancy, and hopefully, will work just as well for yours. (P.S. If you’re looking for morning sickness remedies, I have a piece on that, too).

Morning Sickness Food Ideas

Let’s start with those easiest to make, aka – breakfast ideas for morning sickness.

Toast and Jam.

There were days when my morning sickness would mean no candy was allowed whatsoever. Even then, my body had no problem with jam. I still had half a jar of my mom’s homemade one, and it was so nice to eat something sweet + healthy, and not feel like throwing up. This is a great relatively bland food for morning sickness which still has a nice taste.

Oats and Fruit.

Make sure you do add some fruit in there! It’s another sweet(ish?) thing, and incredibly healthy at that, you’ll probably be able to stomach. My favorite choices are bananas and peaches. The beauty of this one is that you can add whichever sort of liquid feels good. If your morning sickness makes you unable to eat any dairy, vegan milk or even water will do – it did for me a couple times. Make it cold, warm it up, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this one. Plus, oats are high in iron, which we mamas-to-be can really use. All of it makes this the best breakfast for morning sickness (at least for me). So if you’re wondering what to eat for breakfast with morning sickness – start there.


And before your face lights up, I don’t mean the stuff you get at fast food restaurants! Sometimes, my morning sickness was so strong I found I can’t keep any food down, not even plain fruit. At times, I decided to shake it up and try something a bit different. I soon realized that with morning sickness, the best breakfast is often light and simple. In my case, I’d get one banana, one peach, and vegan milk, mix it all up in a blender, and that would keep me going for a couple of hours. You should be able to stomach it, plus it’s delicious! When it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner ideas for morning sickness – milkshakes are very versatile.

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None of these may sound like “real meals”, but trust me when I say they’ll keep you full, and they’re rich in plenty of stuff you need. Not to mention they’re great breakfast or dinner ideas for pregnancy nausea. I would make a salad from one tomato, one cucumber, and I’d grate some cheese over it. Not only was it a great refreshment during the hot summer months, it’s also very healthy.


Potatoes are great because they’re full of nutrients, but also bland enough that you can make plenty different morning sickness recipes from them. They’re among the great morning sickness dinner ideas. When feeling especially nauseated, you can simply boil them and eat them with yogurt or sour milk. Other times, you can make them into mashed potatoes, and maybe if your stomach is okay with it, add some chicken. Speaking of, chicken isn’t strong and it’s as bland as meats go, so it’s another good choice, whether with mashed or roast potatoes. Finally, if you’re feeling naughty, make some fries (or get your hubby to make them – homemade is always the best choice), and find some nice and neutral dip to go with them. As you can see, there are plenty of morning sickness meal ideas when it comes to potatoes.

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Spinach and Fish Fingers.

You may have heard avoiding fish is among the first things to do when you find out you’re pregnant. Mostly it refers to big fish due to their high mercury levels. I was delighted to find out hake is not among them, so I’d dare to make an actual meal every once in a while – spinach, fish fingers, and tartar sauce (the latter is optional, depending on whether your morning sickness is making you unable to eat it).

Which Morning Sickness Food Ideas to Go For First

It really depends on how you’re feeling. If your nausea is quite bad, it’s probably best to start with salads and potatoes, as they’re likely the safest choice. For the rest, see how you’re feeling, and don’t despair! That, too, shall pass – at 11 weeks, I started barely getting morning sickness anymore and have now went back to eating all of my favorite foods.


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