What to Do During Bed Rest in Pregnancy? [6 Ideas]

A week ago, my gynecologist “sentenced” me to absolute bed rest during pregnancy – at least for the next 15 days. I say sentenced because bed rest – proper bed rest – literally means you get up to pee and take a shower. That’s it! And while I wasn’t super active to begin with, I still had my daily routine. Work from home (from bed – so that didn’t change much), do some yoga, meditate, go for a driving lesson, get the dishwasher going, prepare lunch. Occasionally I would go out with my friends, or go shopping with my husband. But now, all I’m allowed to do is lie down. That’s it!

So naturally, yesterday I had a nervous breakdown. My friend was supposed to come over, the house was a mess, and there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing! I am slowly coming to terms of it, trying to enjoy the extra free time, and trying not to feel guilty that my husband now has to take over everything. After all, what’s most important is keeping our baby healthy and safely tucked in there.

If you came here desperate for ideas on what to do during bed rest in pregnancy, I’ll be glad to share some ideas with you.

What to Do During Bed Rest in Pregnancy (So You Don’t Go Mad)

1. Pick up a good book.

One of the best things that have come out of this bed rest for me is the amount of time I have for reading. I love reading but there always seems to be something more important. But now that I finish my job at 2:30pm and have nothing smarter to do until my husband comes home, reading a good book has become one of my favorite bed rest in pregnancy activities. I am currently reading the second installment of Cherringham: Mystery Shorts. Can’t help it, I love a good murder mystery!

2. Get Into Knitting.

If this makes me sound like I’m 80 years old, so be it! I took up knitting some months back with the idea of knitting a few cute socks and hats for when my baby comes. To my surprise, I found it really enjoyable! Plus, I can easily do it while lying down and even watching a good show, which is my next idea.

3. Netflix and bed rest.

The obvious answer would be to find a good TV show to binge. Just a couple days back I was looking for some good shows for us pregnant ladies, and I stumbled upon Workin’ Moms. It deals with so many important issues – parenting, postpartum depression, straight and gay relationships… I wholeheartedly recommend it!

4. Video Games.

If you have a joystick and a video game you like, this could be just the thing. I’m not that big on gaming, but my husband and I love playing Lego games. They are so adorable, plus there’s a game for virtually all of our favorite franchises. After tackling Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and part of the Star Wars franchise, we’re now fighting against Marvel villains in Marvel Superheroes!

5. Start a blog.

This may sound way out there, but if you’ve ever had a similar idea – starting a blog, getting a website going, or even taking up some online lessons, when’s a better time than when you’re bed-bound? Sure beats wondering what to do during bed rest in pregnancy and having nervous breakdowns!

6. Meditate.

I’ve mentioned before how much I love the concept of the law of attraction, affirmations, gratitude… But when days are busy I find it hard to find the time to practice any of those. Since I’ve been on bed rest, reading my affirmations, writing down gratitude lists, and even practicing mindfulness has become so much easier. Bed rest during pregnancy does have its benefts. I recommend you get started on some simple meditations and see if you like it.

Making Bed Rest Bearable

And that’s pretty much all I have for you, because that’s all I’ve been doing. I don’t want to list like 20 ideas none of which I’ve personally tried out. So when I say that these do help get your mind off the fact you’re pretty much stuck in bed, I really mean it.

Let me know how you’re doing and if you’ve figured out how to survive bed rest during pregnancy. I’d love to get some more ideas, and I’m sure others would, too!


A 27-year-old married mom-to-be, trying to have it all. I have a full-time job I enjoy, a home I’m in love with, and plenty of hobbies I try my best to have the time for. A psychologist by vocation, with the goal of helping young women live their best lives.

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