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When I first found out I’m pregnant, I knew nothing about what to expect. Then I started surfing the web (classic mistake!) and suddenly, I knew waaay more than I needed to. Plus, some of that info was plain scary and completely unnecessary for me to know. Eventually, I figured – I could try looking for a decent podcast. And not only did I find one good podcast, I found 6 of the best podcasts for pregnancy out there!

So, for all the moms to be out there, here are a few podcasts you should definitely give a shot to. From the best pregnancy podcast for first-time moms to more light-hearted ones, there will be something for everyone.

Best Podcasts for Pregnancy

I will be listing these in no particular order. Here we go!

Pregnancy Podcast

The very first podcast I stumbled upon was Pregnancy Podcast. Topic after topic, I found it was something I was either wondering about, or dreading. And episode after episode, I was blown away by how well-researched all of them are. Vanessa Merten gives you the science behind all things pregnancy, but in a way that’s simple to understand. She covers topics such as nausea, diet, prenatal testing, even which sleeping position is safe in pregnancy. It’s certainly one of the best podcasts for early pregnancy.

Best forWhat I likeWhat I dislike
Those who want science-backed pregnancy infoVariety of topicsSponsored content can go on for quite a bit

Baby Bump Life

This podcast is also known as 40 Weeks of Pregnancy, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Every week, you can find out what’s currently happening in your body, how your baby is developing, and what kind of symptoms to expect. All episodes are very short and to the point. They’re a good way to start each gestational week. If you’re looking for the best pregnancy podcasts for first-time moms, give it a go.

Best forWhat I likeWhat I dislike
Best pregnancy podcast when starting a new gestational weekBite-sizedCan be too short for some

Pregnancy Pearls Podcast

The podcast is run by Dr. Kenny, a double-board certified OB/GYN. On top of it, she’s also a high-risk pregnancy expert. That makes it one of the best podcasts to watch during a high-risk pregnancy. Dr. Kenny grew tired of seeing preventable issues create problems in pregnancies, which led her to create this podcast. She clearly knows what she’s talking about, and in every show, she answers questions. Her assistant reads issues of several women to get her opinion on the next steps. She covers all sorts of lesser-talked about topics, such as pregnancies at and past 35, what she looks for in ultrasounds… There are more light-hearted topics such as pregnancy brain as well.

Best forWhat I likeWhat I dislike
High-risk pregnanciesThe language she usesMost topics are very serious

Is It Normal?

From what I gather, this podcast is relatively new, but it’s a blessing for anxious preggos like myself! Jessie Ware is pregnant herself, and together with various experts, she busts myths surrounding pregnancies. She also has these expertes answer worried moms-to-be questions, which I especially like. So if you often catch yourself wondering: Is peeing your pants normal? Is this type of pain normal? Are bleeding gums normal? This podcast likely has a well-founded answer! I discovered it during my second trimester and I absolutely love it.

Best forWhat I likeWhat I dislike
Anxious momsShe’s going through the same thing as usNot all weeks are covered (at the time of writing we’re at week 26)

Birth Qweens

Birth Kweens is probably the most humor-packed of all of these podcasts. It’s run by Karly Nuttal, an experienced midwife, and Ali Feroah, an experienced birth and postpartum doula. While there are some pregnancy topics such as weight stigma, potential problems, and things other women would have liked to know before they got pregnant… Most topics revolve around guests’ birth stories, so it’s among the best podcasts to prepare for a baby.

Best forWhat I likeWhat I dislike
Moms preparing for birthLightheartedness and humorNot many early pregnancy topics

Awakened Pregnancy

The last on my list of the best pregnancy podcasts on Spotify is Awakened Pregnancy. If you love stuff like manifesting and affirmations, this is the podcast for you. Kate Caddle is a pregnancy and motherhood coach, and she’ll help you move through your pregnancy smoothly, and connect with your baby. I’d say it beats going through YouTube and getting lost in the results!

Best forWhat I likeWhat I dislike
Moms who love manifestingThe combination of pregnancy topics and spiritualityNot strictly pregnancy, but parenting topics as well

Are there any other podcasts you’ve given a go that you loved? What are the best podcasts about pregnancy you’ve come across? Let us know!


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