5 Apps That Help Me Stay Mindful and Live Intentionally

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Today I’ll be listing 5 free mindfulness apps worthy of your attention.

In some of my earlier pieces, I’ve mentioned that I was a fan of mindfulness practices, affirmations, the law of attraction… For a long time. Recently, I got back into the habit of practicing those. And while I know these terms aren’t the same thing, for me, they all revolve about living intentionally and to the fullest.

I use these free mindfulness apps on android, on a daily basis. Each is like a piece of a puzzle. From meditation practices to business and pregnancy affirmations, to even astrology apps, they help me live my best life, live it intentionally, and live every moment fully. They are all either completely free or offer free features. In any case, you can use each of these free mindfulness apps with no subscription.

Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention

My Vision Board

My Vision Board is a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing app that allows you to select affirmations you identify with or add your own. It also lets you add your life purpose, create vision boards, and even keep a journal.

How it works

You get a lot of pre-written affirmations, separated into groups. I only use pregnancy and business ones, but there are many sections, including gratitude, abundance, confidence, relationships… You can always add your own, add photos to accompany them… Each affirmation has a pre-set audio file which I absolutely love (it calms me down so much), but you can add your own.

You can set the time when you want to get a random affirmation as a pop-up notification, but you can listen to any of them whenever you want. Additionally, you can get notifications with helpful thoughts and quotes from other members.

How it Helps me

I love this app because it’s a simple way to listen to my daily affirmations and to remind myself of the goals I’ve set for myself. I used it earlier this year to manifest a raise – and I did!


When it comes to free mindfulness apps worthy of your attention, I would for sure include some horoscope apps as well. Co-Star is an astrological app that essentially tells you what kind of thoughts and emotions you can expect today and in the next few days.

How It Works

Every day, you’ll get a one-sentence notification with the most important message for the day. Upon entering the app, you’ll be able to see the short version of thoughts and emotions that will rule your day – a highly personalized horoscope. It’s all based on your ascendant, Moon, and Rising signs. It’s freakishly correct, and I relied on it a lot in January when I was working on getting a raise. I knew what to pay attention to and which strengths to use. The app separates a more detailed overview into sections such as Routine, Social Life, Spirituality, etc.

How It Helps Me

As was the case with my promotion, I keep on using this app to know what to be on the lookout for, and what to focus on for the best results.

The Pattern

Another astrological app I love is The Pattern. What differentiates it from Co-Star is that it has updates and astrological predictions both for you specifically, and for the world itself – or our collective consciousness, if that’s what you want to call it. Both help me notice my feelings more.

How It Works

The Pattern will send you a notification or two a day, singling out the most important thing to expect today. It blows my mind just how right they are virtually every time. Inside the app itself, you can go for a deep dive into your own thoughts, emotions, and opportunities today and in the next couple of days. You can also check out the state of the world. I always check the world updates first, then go into my own. These conclusions are very, very detailed. If you’re reading them carefully, it’ll likely take you five minutes to go through each.

How it Helps Me

I use both Co-Star and The Pattern because, while they’re both great, they show me the same picture from two different sides. I use The Pattern to get a more general idea of what I’ll be feeling and needing in the current period, while Co-Star offers some more specific problem-solving possibilities.


Mindfulness.com is among the best free mindfulness training apps. It’s packed with mindful videos and meditations, and offers the best free guided meditation for beginners. While you only get limited access on a free version, it’s still worth installing.

How It Works

First, you select why you decided to install the app. In my case, I was looking for free mindfulness apps for anxiety (read more about my pregnancy anxiety here). Based on that, you’ll get (limited) access to guided meditations on that topic. However, you get access to other meditations as well. What I like is that you can choose the length of your meditations, usually between 5 and 30 minutes. When I have time, 15-20 minutes is great. When I’m short on time, it’s great to have a 5-minute option so I still do my daily meditation.

Each day has a different message that pops up as a notification. It’s easily the best zen meditation app out there. My today’s daily is Finding Inner Peace. First, I’ll watch a 2-3 minute long video about the topic. Then I’ll be automatically redirected to a guided meditation.

How it Helps Me

This app is amazing at anchoring me in the present moment. It calms me down, helps me breathe, and really makes me rethink some things. Just the other day, the lesson/meditation topic was along the lines of – Is Being Busy Your Escape? Each lesson is eye-opening and each guided meditation is very calming.

21 Days

21 days is an app I came across completely randomly. The colors are adorable, and it’s very simple to use. If you’re looking to change your habits, this is one of the top free mindfulness apps to do so.

How It Works

21 Days is all about changing our habits. In general, 3 weeks is how long it takes to rewire our neural pathways into thinking differently and forming a new habit. This app gives you a bunch of habit groups you can opt to change. Currently, I’m doing Feel Good, Gratitude, and Positive Mindset. Each day, you scratch a new challenge and mark it as done when it’s – well, done. Challenges can be anything from “Don’t think what if it goes wrong, but what if it goes right?”, to “Dance around your room”!

How It Helps Me

This app helps me feel good, and not just as I’m doing the challenge. I’ve been doing these for some 10 days and I already feel better and more positive in my everyday life.

Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention – Roundup

These are the best free mindfulness apps I came across. Have you tried any of them or have some other app to suggest? Let me know!


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