Second Trimester Must Haves [That’ll Make Your Life Easier]

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When you cross the threshold and enter the second trimester, a lot of things change. For one, unless you’re among the unlucky few, morning sickness should be a distant memory. You should have more energy and fewer migraines. Along with that, your belly will start showing, and issues like sciatica may rear their head as well. While the second trimester is known as the golden time of pregnancy, it’ll only be so if you acquire some of the second trimester must haves.

I am now six months pregnant and on the verge of the third trimester. Here are the things I’m so grateful for having during the past three months (some of which I should have gotten a lot sooner).

Second Trimester Must Haves

Maternity Clothes.

And I mean real maternity clothes, not just stretchy ones. Personally, I loved wearing tight clothes before getting pregnant. Consequently, I couldn’t fit into a lot of my old clothes even during the first trimester. Some stretchy ones I was able to wear until maybe week 20 or so. But then it just became torture. Even though tight clothes shouldn’t hurt you or your baby, they’re just plain uncomfortable.

So, when it comes to what to wear in the early second trimester, start with your regular, baggy clothes. But – even if you can still fit into those sweatpants, trust me – get proper maternity clothes nonetheless. One day you’ll just wake up and realize it’s not working anymore. Best to be prepared for when that moment comes!

Now, here’s what kind of clothes are a must.


I could live in these comfy leggings 24/7! I have two pairs, and I keep on rotating them all the time. You don’t want to get too many, because after all, you will only be needing them for a few months. Here are the best choices on the market for all sizes and needs.


There is never a better time to spend your days in sweatpants than when you’re pregnant. I have two pairs of these and they are a lifesaver. I even wear them when I go to my friends’!


A month or so back, my mother-in-law gave me some of her own shirts which were too small for her, but perfect for my new size. I thought I really wouldn’t be needing maternity shirts, but I was wrong. They are among the 2nd trimester must haves! Just the other day, whatever shirt/sweater I tried to put on was suddenly too small and uncomfortable. Luckily, I got two maternity shirts as a gift and oh, my body can finally breathe! Plus, my husband loves how they fit me.

Skirts & Dresses.

Maternity dress
Maternity dress

I was always a sucker for skirts and dresses, and I was so happy to find out there are ones fit for pregnant ladies as well. I feel so fancy/professional in them, and they make me feel so good in my new body. if you’re wondering what to wear during the second trimester and not feel like a giant walking bag, get them.

Check out Motherhood’s collection – they offer great clothes and often have discounts!

Proper Shoes.

As your baby grows bigger and your body has more weight to carry, your legs will start suffering. At this point, flat soles are a big no. Sadly, high heels are, too. Be sure to wear shoes with a slightly elevated heel, as they are best suited to support your growing belly, and give your feet the support they need. Anything else, and your arch may collapse, or you might just end up more bloated and in more pain than you need to be in.

Comfy (Bigger!) Underwear

I got these waaay into the second trimester, and that was a horrible mistake. With my boobs being bigger and my shoulders broader, none of my old bras would fit. But, since my breasts are extra sensitive, I really have to wear them, so it was torture. My panties were also causing me discomfort since the lower part of my body is expanding, so I had to buy a size bigger and my oh my, did it make me happy.

Pro Tip
Get a lot of undies – you’re either already leaking down there (mucus, an occasional sneeze-pee, or both), or you’re about to be. Do your Kegel’s, ladies – they’re not 100% effective, but they do help, and they’re among the must-do’s for the second trimester.

Pregnancy Pillow.

I can’t stress this enough: if you haven’t bought a pregnancy pillow yet, do t! I bought mine months ago, and it helps me manage my sciatica, plus it’s super comfy. It sure beats having to position four different pillows around you so you feel comfortable. When it comes to pregnancy must haves for the second trimester, this is high up on the list.

Comfy Place to Lie Down and Rest

You’ll be needing extra rest these days, even if you’re not so unlucky to be prescribed bed rest. I suggest you get a comfortable couch, comfortable pillows you can place behind your back, below your knees… if there’s something to raise your legs on, even better. This will help with leg pain and Braxton-Hicks contractions, which you can also expect during this period.

Second Trimester Must Haves – Why They Matter

I know women who didn’t buy any maternity clothes but just wore baggy clothes instead. I know those who insist on high heels or flip-flops. All of the stuff mentioned is something you can live without, so why do I call them the second trimester must haves? Because if you want to have a comfortable pregnancy and feel as good as possible – then they really are must haves.


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