Manifesting a Successful 2022

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If you’ve read this blog post, you know I love manifesting through writing. But while I’ve managed to manifest specific events, I’ve never tried manifesting an entire year before.

A couple of days ago, I heard a woman in some talk show talk about manifesting the year ahead, and I loved the idea. Apparently, you write a letter to your former self, as if you’re writing it exactly one year from now. You write about all the things you’re aiming to achieve in 2022, as if you’ve already accomplished them – a year in retrospect, basically.

Some things to beware of before you do this are:

  • Aim high, but know how much work you’re willing to put into it. Simply writing “I am super grateful to have made $1,000,000” isn’t worth much if all you’re doing is your regular 9-5. As for me, I’ll go for making $100+ off this blog every month, as that’s something I’ll be able to realistically work towards with a small kid on the way!
  • Truly feel as if you’ve accomplished something. Empty words won’t help you manifest anything. Feel proud, feel grateful, feel happy and fulfilled – as you’re writing those words, know you already have it all. Same goes for rereading it.
  • Be specific. Instead of congratulating yourself on a “successful business year”, congratulate yourself on becoming a manager, or getting a 30% raise. But like I said before – keep it on a level you’re willing to work for.

Best of luck in 2022!

2022 in Retrospect: A Letter From Myself to Myself

From: Jelena
To: Jelena
Date: 02.01.2023.

Dear Me,

2022 was truly the most amazing year ever. It gave me everything I could ever wish for and more. It started out with a great 10-day vacation during which I got so much rest but also got so much done. My blog was doing well, I went to the doctor’s appointment to hear my baby boy is growing and thriving, and I was able to get the whole maternity leave deal going.

The next two weeks were bittersweet. I enjoyed every workday, knowing I’ll soon be putting a pause on it for a whole year. The site was progressing, I managed to prepare everyone for their tasks, and I was super proud of where I left the website.

From January 24th, the magic started. I was on maternity leave, getting plenty of rest, doing plenty of work, and nesting. I was counting, first, the weeks, then days until my baby boy arrived.

Then, on the evening of February 21st, my mucus plug fell out. It was such an exciting and scary moment! I started feeling actual contractions a couple of hours later, and around noon the next day, I was in the hospital, 6cm open. Soon enough, it was time to start pushing.

It seemed to last for infinity, and even with an epidural, it was painful. But I would go through it ten times over again because the moment they brought my baby boy to me was indescribable. All the fears I’ve felt up until that point were completely gone. He was perfectly healthy, got an Apgar score of 10/10, and in just 3 days we were able to go home together. Bringing him home was incredibly emotional. We were all crying tears of joy, and even the cat seemed to be excited and to like the little guy.

The first few days, I was so grateful to have my mother-in-law close by. She taught me how to take care of Konstantin and keep him safe. After those first few days, it was as natural as breathing. He was waking up every 2-3 hours at first, then less and less. Honestly, he is a baby one can only wish for.

Oh, and I was right – his hair is reddish-brown, and his eyes very blue!

These past few months were truly magical. Our boy has grown so much, he’s already babbling and walking, and he loves music! Oh, he loves the cat, too.

I couldn’t be more grateful for him. He is perfectly healthy, he is curious, kind, and he looks like the perfect mix of Marko and me.

We recently started getting things ready for a new house as well. We submitted a request for a home loan, we decided on the house and its place and it’s all so, so exciting!

Oh, and we managed to travel as well – we went to Sweden for the Christmas market but spent a day in Copenhagen as well. Konstantin loved it!

As for my business, it has been going just as well as I wanted it to. My blog has been making $100-$150 a month for the past few months, and it’s growing more and more. I am so proud of having accomplished that as well. I started hosting monthly mom coaching groups, and more and more women apply every month. Soon enough, I know the growth will be exponential.
Oh, and one more thing I’m super grateful for: Marko is an amazing father. Watching him play with Konstantin is truly a dream come true.

P.S. Yes, I did get my driver’s license as well. Finally!

Here’s to an amazing 2023,

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