Tums for Heartburn While Pregnant: Are They Safe? [And Should You Use Them]

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Many swear by TUMS when it comes to relieving heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach. This antacid is based on calcium carbonate and contains no animal by-products, making it the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

Now, while no one is denying that TUMS works, the question that often arises is whether it’s safe to use TUMS during pregnancy.

TUMS for Heartburn While Pregnant: Is It Safe?

Heartburn is something that pregnant women notoriously deal with. For some, it comes as early as in the first trimester, while some battle with it during the third. In either case, it’s uncomfortable, and can often be one of the many causes of pregnancy insomnia.

But are TUMS safe during pregnancy? OB/GYN professionals say they are, so long as they’re used in correct doses. However, you should always contact your own doctor first, to make sure they’re the right choice for you.

How Much TUMS is Safe for Pregnancy?

The allowed doses of TUMS vary from product to product. They go anywhere from 4-10 tablets in 24 hours, so be sure to read and follow the maximum dosage of your specific product. Even then, you shouldn’t be using the maximum dosage for more than 2 weeks unless you’re being supervised by your doctor.

Should You Use TUMS in Pregnancy?

Personally, I avoided using any sort of artificial medicine during my pregnancy for these entire 37 weeks. And mind you, I’ve had so many migraines in the first trimester it was insane. I’ve been dealing with sciatica since I was 4 months pregnant, and even had a fever recently as part of my Omicron infection.

And, yes, I’ve been having some really bad heartburn up until the last week or so.

Now, I am not against using medicine at all costs. I just dislike the idea of taking anything artificial if I don’t absolutely have to, not while pregnant. My migraines were really horrid and I had them 2-3 times a week for a few weeks, but I made do with a warm compress. But had my fever been higher last week, of course I would have taken medicine for it.

My view on heartburn during pregnancy is: yes, it sucks. Yes, it can keep you awake at night and make you feel like you’ll puke. But I’d so much rather go with natural remedies first and only have TUMS or any other medicine, no matter how safe, as my last resort.

Tums for Heartburn While Pregnant: Bottom Line

So, are TUMS OK for pregnancy? Sure, when used properly. But should you go for them? That is entirely up to you.

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