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Great news for new moms: if you’re covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, you have access to the leading bread pump brands. Most plans will cover the cost of double electric breast pumps, and I’ve selected the top 6 best breast pumps covered by BCBS.

Trust me, a good breast pump is lifesaving, especially when you’re having issues with breastfeeding or going back to work.

Here’s what they offer, what each is best for, and what their price is in case BCBS isn’t the best place to order breast pump through insurance, aka it no longer covers them.

Best Breast Pumps Covered by BCBS

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Willow’s ground-breaking, one of a kind wearable double breast pump means you can pump on the go easier than ever before.

And coupled with their special bra where the breast pump fits perfectly, you’ll hardly notice you’re pumping.

Willow is insurance-friendly which means that up to 40% of the breast pump can be covered by insurance.

Motif Luna Double Electric Breast Pump

The great thing about Motif Luna Double Electric Pump is that it’s research-based. The company partnered with a research firm in order to find out what women think about this product. Turns out that 5 out of 6 moms get “more milk in less time” thanks to this breast pump. Motif Luna keeps your milk clean, plus there are LED night lights for extra ease of use. Additionally, it’s very quiet, making it perfect for night pumping when the baby is asleep. One downside is that it does weigh a full 2 pounds.

Price on the market: $189.00
Best for: Pumping when the baby is asleep

Medela Pump in Style (PISA)

Medela Pump in Style comes with MaxFlow technology. By creating micro-vibrations, it offers more effective milk expression. In fact, research shows it increases milk volume by a whopping 11.8%, making it the strongest electric breast pump out there. It’s easy to use, comes with two sizes of breast shields (21mm and 24mm), and includes a battery pack for when you don’t have access to power. An extra benefit of this portable battery breast pump is the small weight of only 1.18 pounds. Plus, all parts touching breast milk are BPA-free.

Price on the market: $189.99
Best for: Outdoor pumping

Spectra S1

Spectra S1 is great because its suction levels mimic natural breastfeeding, providing more comfort. So if you’re looking for lactation consultant recommended breast pumps, go for it. It’s BPA-free (which is something I always look for), portable, and rechargeable. You don’t have to use it as a double pump, it can work as a single electric breast pump as well. What I love is that it was made by a mom, for moms. One downside is the weight of 3.3 pounds, though.

Price on the market: $199.99
Best for: Single or double pumping

Evenflo Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump

This is one of the most travel-friendly breast pumps out there, thanks to its several power options (AC adapter, AA batteries). It includes multiple flange sizes (28.0mm & 30.5mm) for a better fit. And it helps prevent back and shoulder aches by using a slouch-free design. According to many, it’s the best insurance breast pump in 2022.

Price on the market: $49.99
Best for: Occasional pumping

Freemie Freedom Double Electric Breast Pump

This is another option that offers both double and single pumping options. It’s quiet, portable, and the lightest one of all, with the motor weighing just one pound! The best thing about it is that you can pump with your clothes on. It even fits inside your regular or nursing bra. It only comes with one breast funnel set (25 mm) and requires an electrical outlet.

Price on the market: $150.36
Best for: Daily use

Apart from the aforementioned free breast pumps covered by insurance, BCBS also covers brands like Lansinoh and Ameda. However, I found that the breast pumps mentioned in this guide are the best ones for new moms.


What kind of breast pump does Blue Cross cover?

Blue Cross covers breast pumps by participating DME providers. However, hospital-grade breast pumps aren’t covered, and you do need a prescription from your clinician to get one.

How do I know what breast pumps are covered by my insurance?

The easiest way is to go through your plan details. If you can’t find those or such information isn’t offered, call your insurance company. You can ask them directly which breast pumps you can get and when.

Does Blue Cross cover the Elvie breast pump?

Yes, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield breast pump coverage 2022 information.

Does Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield cover breast pumps?

It does. They’re covered with no pre-authorization if the cost is below $250. Just be aware that you can only order one of the best breast pumps covered by BCBS 15 or fewer days prior to your due date.

Does BCBS cover the Willow breast pump?

Yes, which is why BCBS, for many, is the best place to order a breast pump.

Does blue cross cover breast pumps?

Yes! Some insurance plans even cover double electric pumps, their replacement parts, and they should cover one new breast pump with each new pregnancy. Willow also has the amazing wearable breast pumps, and insurance can cover as much as 40% of it.

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