Breastfeeding Diet to Help You Lose Mommy Weight [Fast & Safe]

If I’m being honest, I gained more weight than I intended to during my pregnancy. Despite having a great second trimester diet, I ended up being on bed rest and barely moving, and that contributed to my sudden weight gain. Having 30 extra pounds to burn and a needy newborn is not an ideal situation. Granted, I lost some 15 pounds after coming out of the hospital, but the remaining 15 are an ongoing battle.

After nearly 3 months, I managed to lose 6 more pounds (starting with my postpartum meals), all the while caring for a newborn while my husband’s at work.

It was impossible at first: I barely ate as it was, and I wasn’t able to exercise due to my weakened pelvic floor and episiotomy. After a few weeks, when we established a routine and my body recuperated a bit, I went back to yoga and light exercise (but not rope skipping – tried that too early on with some very wet results!)

Day after day, I found I could do more yoga poses and exercises more easily. But one huge thing that helped me lose 6 more pounds is finding the right breastfeeding foods. Making sure I keep my milk supply steady is very important to me — it’s the first immunity my baby will ever have. However, getting back into shape is also something I want to achieve – here’s which foods I eat and which I avoid to accomplish both.

P.S. This is so easy to follow you can easily do it even if you’re already working!

Breastfeeding Foods for Milk Supply + Weight Loss

Oatmeal + Almond Milk + Fruit

Oatmeal and fruit

Oatmeal is the end-all-be-all of any breastfeeding mom diet! It’s great for milk production, and needless to say, this entire combination is very high in protein (needed to keep your milk supply strong) and low in calories. I opt for plant-based milk because dairy does not contribute to milk production, but it does to that mommy pooch.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

Sugar cravings are high and mighty while breastfeeding, but to lose weight, do try to keep your hands off sweets. I recently downloaded this app that helps you form new habits, in an attempt to keep myself away from chocolate. Peanut butter is a great replacement: tasty, full of protein, and low in calories.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy breastfeeding snacks

Snacking doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthy! At times, I found myself so hungry, but there was so much to be done I didn’t have time to properly eat. Instead of resorting to Doritos or Oreo, I opted for flaxseed bars or rice cakes. Not to mention that carrots dipped in hummus make for a great, quick food filled with nutrients both you and your baby need.



These saved me when I had neither time nor strength to make myself a proper meal. Just take oatmeal, any fruit (save for citruses – they may give your little one colic), add peanut butter and something green, pour plant milk and voila! You have a protein-rich meal you can sip on the go, without the fear of adding extra kilos.

Meanwhile, you’ll want to avoid…

Breastfeeding and weight loss can go had in hand, but you’ll have to say goodbye to some guilty pleasures.

White bread and pasta are two main culprits for adding weight, while not really helping milk production.

Avoiding pasta isn’t my strong suit, so opting for whole wheat pasta (and whole wheat bread, if you can’t do without) is such a great alternative. Throw out sweets, sodas, sugary juices, and alcohol (which isn’t recommended during breastfeeding as it is), replace them with healthy breastfeeding foods, and you’ll have that mummy pooch taken care of in no time.

Questions I Get

What is the best diet while breastfeeding?

One that’s protein-rich, low on sugars, and has you eating 5 times a day.

Which foods make breast milk?

While some foods are told to promote milk production (mostly herbs like anis or fennel, or clear apple juice), what makes the most milk is simply your baby latching properly.

What foods to avoid while breastfeeding?

Just to be safe, avoid anything spicy, along with food that makes you gassy. Citruses can also cause colic, and some babies are especially sensitive to dairy.


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