Becoming an Eco-Friendly Mom

If I’m being honest, I am very proud of all I’ve accomplished this year. I have given birth to an amazing baby boy; I’ve scored an amazing job I love and am managing to do alongside being a mom; I’ve traveled to Portugal to meet all my colleagues — the first time ever I’ve traveled without knowing anyone; and I’ve finally gone back to driving lessons.

But there’s one thing that came to me unexpectedly, which I’m also incredibly proud of myself for:

I’ve gone more green.

Yes, I still use plastic, including plastic bags, because I don’t always remember to carry reusable, cotton ones to the store.

I still leave my charger in when there’s no phone attached to it.

But I’ve changed so many of my habits for the better, too.

How I Became a Greener Mom

I first started with something more and more women are opting for nowadays: a menstrual cup.

In early September, I decided to purchase one and give it a go — best decision I ever made for my periods (apart from using a CDB tea for the pain, which I wholeheartedly recommend).

It can be a struggle sometimes, especially when I don’t bother to check if it was inserted properly. That’s why I’m thinking about getting period panties as well.

But overall, it is such a joy to be able to fully forget you’re on your period. There’s no blood, no smell, and no waste!

Next, I wanted to give reusable nappies a go. I started with two, upgraded to five, and am now awaiting my next shipment of eight new nappies!

They are so healthy for the little one’s bum (all natural materials like bamboo and hemp, mind you), and they end up saving you money in the long run.

If you’re going for them, I fully recommend you watch a video or two about positioning them properly, when to change them (in our case, we need to do it every 1.5 hrs — he’s a big water drinker!). I didn’t do it and I struggled needlessly for a few days.

They take a while to dry, and yes, there’s a learning curve, but they are a win-win-win for everyone: the baby, your wallet, and the environment.

And I can’t tell you enough about eco-friendly toys! They’re beautiful, friendly, and made of all natural materials. Any chance I get I’m buying these wooden toys left and right — no plastic for me, thank you!

Finally, another thing I’m trying to do is not waste food. I organize my shopping list in advance, and if I see something is about to go bad, I eat it, whether I was planning to have it for lunch or not.

Are you trying to live more green? If so, do share how you’re doing it to help inspire me and others!


A 28-year-old married mom, trying to have it all. I have a full-time job I enjoy, a home I’m in love with, and plenty of hobbies I try my best to have the time for. A psychologist by vocation, with the goal of helping young women live their best lives.

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