About Me, This Blog, and Its Purpose

When people ask me to tell them about myself, I usually go the easy way. I’m Jelena Kabić, I’m 28 years old, Sagittarius. I have a bachelor’s in Psychology, two more years of psychotherapy education, and have worked in marketing for years.
But this time, I won’t go and bore you with that stuff only, because I am so much more than that.


I am the less-loved child of an average family, who now has a great relationship with her parents, and has had a great relationship with her brother from day one.

I was always a gifted writer, I loved reading, and I knew that was something I never wanted to give up.
Since I was a teen, I’ve always had the idea of wanting to help people (cue my own trauma, as well as that of people around me).
And yet, I always doubted myself. In relationships, at college, when it came to my work and finances.
When I started discovering REBT (a great psychotherapy school), over the years, I became a confident person who knows she deserves everything she sets her mind to.

My recent experiments with the Law of Attraction have shown me that not only do I deserve it, but I can get it, too.

Today, I am a married mom of a beautiful baby boy! I have a flexible, remote full-time job, I am able to keep plants alive (never would I have guessed it in a million years!), I have a hyperactive kitten, and a life I adore.
A wonderful home, despite it being small; a job I’m great at, which I enjoy; a loving husband I can’t wait to wake up to; my coaching business; and this blog, which I’ve been running for a couple of years now. I always knew I wanted to, and it all kind of started from me wanting to help other young, Millennial + Gen Z ladies get on board with a house, husband, kids, all the while living their best lives!

Now, I finally know what I want this blog to do.
I want to show every girl and woman who stumbles her way to it that you can do whatever they set their mind to. You can be a great wife, cook like a pro, have a lovely home, excel in your business, and all that while having a side hustle. You can be a wife, a mom, a career lady, and nail it all.
And hopefully, Adventures of a Young Housewife will help you get there.

Welcome, I hope you decide to stay!

P.S. You can also check out my brand new baby website, which is all about healthy baby foods!

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