A Week From My Due Date and Feeling Frustrated - featured image

A Week From My Due Date and Feeling Frustrated.

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t I be feeling excited and perhaps a bit nervous? Of course, and that’s how I’m feeling, too. But after today’s scheduled visit to my gynecologist, I’m frustrated, sad, and sure, even a bit miserable as well. My baby boy is doing just fine, but my cervix hasn’t ripened yet.

Why Am I Losing Weight During Pregnancy Without Morning Sickness - featured image

Why Am I Losing Weight During Pregnancy Without Morning Sickness?

When we find out we’re pregnant, we start accepting the inevitable weight gain right away. After all, you have an entire new being growing inside you; there’s the placenta, amniotic fluid, you’re probably moving less and craving more… Which is what makes any unexpected weight loss that much scarier. In this article, I’m not only

Foods to naturally induce labor - featured image

4 Foods Most Likely to Naturally Induce Labor

After you’re past your due date, you may wish to naturally induce labor. After all, you’re tired of being bloated, achy, not being able to get up… Now, some claim that certain foods can help you do that. The research on it is scarce and proof mostly anecdotal (except for one type of food, where

Tums for Heartburn While Pregnant - Are They Safe - featured image

Tums for Heartburn While Pregnant: Are They Safe? [And Should You Use Them]

Many swear by TUMS when it comes to relieving heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach. This antacid is based on calcium carbonate and contains no animal by-products, making it the perfect choice for vegetarians and vegans alike. Now, while no one is denying that TUMS works, the question that often arises is whether it’s safe


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