Becoming an Eco-Friendly Mom

If I’m being honest, I am very proud of all I’ve accomplished this year. I have given birth to an amazing baby boy; I’ve scored an amazing job I love and am managing to do alongside being a mom; I’ve traveled to Portugal to meet all my colleagues — the first time ever I’ve traveled […]

My Baby Hates his Grandparents.

Okay, he doesn’t really hate them… But he’s scared of them and keeps on crying every time he sees them. And God forbid they try to hold him or interact with him in any way! My poor dad tried playing catch with him, and it works so long as he’s focusing on the ball. The […]

Baby Milestones: How Much do They Really Matter?

During the first few weeks of my postpartum journey, I was pretty miserable. I struggled with nursing, my baby had jaundice, and soon enough we were told he had torticollis and inward feet, which required us to do (very uncomfortable) physical therapy with our one month old. It was excrutiating. But through all of that, […]

On Fears and Overcoming

Where I’m from, getting a driver’s license isn’t that easy. It takes a lot of time, money, and nerves, and most people (who are connected) end up simply bribing police officers into letting them pass. My journey towards a driver’s license began some five years ago. I passed the written test multiple times, but failed […]

Baby’s First Cold and The Importance of Staying Calm

My little one had his first cold a couple of days ago, at a tender age of 7.5 months. And to be honest, I am super proud of myself for the way I handled it. My husband and mom were urging me to take him to the doctor right away. With a fever of 38.5C, […]


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