Helping women feel their best since 2019.

If you’ve recently caught yourself thinking:

I wish these feelings would go away.

Then keep on reading.

As a psychology bachelor with two extra years of psychotherapy education, I’m qualified to help you work on any issues you might be experiencing.

I’ve had patients come to me for relationship problems, anxiety… And recently I’ve added mental health during pregnancy and postpartum to my list of issues I like helping with. Being a mom myself, I know how difficult it can get at times.

If you’d like to book a session but need to hear more about how it works first, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, you can start booking your session below.


Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of coaching? Read my extensive guide on using REBT and mindfulness techniques to tackle anxiety to get an idea of what our sessions will be like.

First Session

Book your first session for $50/hour. We’ll talk about your problem, feelings, and devise a sound plan for solving it. In the first session, we’ll:

Get to the root of the problem
Define it
Discover irrational and harmful thoughts and behaviors
What we can do in the first session

Simply fill in the short form below, and I will contact you so that we can arrange our first session.

Subsequent Sessions

All sessions except for the first one are priced at $80. We will continue replacing your irrational, harmful thoughts with rational ones, in order to reach the positive emotions you need for practical problem-solving.

Replace those thoughts and behaviors with rational, helpful ones
Change your emotions to healthy ones
Learn how to be your own coach
What we can do in the future sessions

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