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Printable Baby Checklist Things to Buy - featured image

Printable Baby Checklist: Things to Buy [+ Some Extra Advice]

I started worrying about things to buy for my baby boy as soon as I got pregnant. Luckily, my friend’s older sister had just given birth, so she prepared an entire list for me, and boy, oh boy! For one, that checklist featured so many things that never crossed my mind. And now that I

Best Breast Pumps Covered by BCBS - featured image

Best Breast Pumps Covered by BCBS

Great news for new moms: if you’re covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, you have access to the leading bread pump brands. Most plans will cover the cost of double electric breast pumps, and I’ve selected the top 5 best breast pumps covered by BCBS. Here’s what they offer, what each is best for, and

A Week From My Due Date and Feeling Frustrated - featured image

A Week From My Due Date and Feeling Frustrated.

It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t I be feeling excited and perhaps a bit nervous? Of course, and that’s how I’m feeling, too. But after today’s scheduled visit to my gynecologist, I’m frustrated, sad, and sure, even a bit miserable as well. My baby boy is doing just fine, but my cervix hasn’t ripened yet.