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Breastfeeding Diet to Help You Lose Mommy Weight [Fast & Safe]

If I’m being honest, I gained more weight than I intended to during my pregnancy. Despite having a great second trimester diet, I ended up being on bed rest and barely moving, and that contributed to my sudden weight gain. Having 30 extra pounds to burn and a needy newborn is not an ideal situation.

Breastfeeding Tips & Must-Knows [That No One Tells You]

Before I started breastfeeding, I couldn’t understand why there were so many articles providing breastfeeding help. I thought – isn’t it a natural process? I give birth, my body provides milk for the baby? In essence, yes – but it’s so easy to have your milk supply lowered or cut it’s insane. Here’s what I

What I learned from the first 2 months with a newborn - featured image

What I Learned From my First 2 Months With a Newborn

Long time no write! Turns out ye olde “babies sleep 20 hours a day, you’ll have so much time” is mostly spoken by dads who hace no idea how much work a baby actually is.(And no, they do NOT sleep that long. And when they do sleep, there’s all the pumping, sterilising, or just showering