Essential Breastfeeding Accessories and Tips for New Moms

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Welcoming a new baby is a cause for joy and celebration. As any new parent knows, it is also a time of stress and transition. Breastfeeding is often one of the biggest sources of stress for new moms. It offers many benefits to babies, including protection against infections and a lower risk of many diseases. It comes with many challenges for moms, though, including sore nipples, insufficient breast milk, or difficulty latching.

  1. Breast Pump to Flex Feeding Times

    According to statistics cited by The Atlantic, 85 percent of moms who breastfeed use a breast pump at some point. This figure proves just how essential this accessory is. It allows users to have control over the timing of feedings, which is essential for managing a consistent schedule. It also gives new moms the ability to take breaks when necessary and overcome any supply issues that may arise.
  2. Hands-Free Pumping Bra to Relax

    A hands-free pumping bra functions the same way as a breast pump, but rather than being operated manually, it allows moms to sit back and relax while the pump collects milk. For many new moms, this is an easier and more comfortable experience than either breastfeeding or manual pumping. It also frees up your hands so that you can work, read, or play with your baby while still generating milk.
  3. Nursing Bras for On-the-Spot Feedings

    For those who prefer to breastfeed without a pump, nursing bras can be a lifesaver. These garments offer comfort to the breasts and allow babies easy access to the nipple, facilitating quick breastfeeding sessions. Nursing bras are designed to offer superior support without an underwire, so they’re uniquely suited to nursing moms who may be experiencing swollen breasts. Depending on your bust size, you may be better off buying this item yourself.
  4. Nursing Pillow for Added Support

    Moms aren’t the only ones who may need extra support while breastfeeding. A nursing pillow is designed to help a newborn comfortably feed. These pillows ensure that an infant is elevated to an ideal height to latch onto the breast. This can spare a breastfeeding mom from having to hunch her shoulders uncomfortably, and it can also aid in the baby’s digestion of the milk.
  5. Nipple Cream to Ease Discomfort

    Sore and cracked nipples are a common complaint among new moms. Indeed, nipple fissures are a serious — and seriously painful — issue. Nipple cream can alleviate this ailment by restoring moisture to the nipples and soothing broken skin. Many of these creams contain lanolin, which can minimize water loss in the skin, thus preventing nipples from becoming too dry.
  6. Reusable Nursing Pads to Keep Clothes Clean

    To keep your breasts and nipples comfortable when wearing a nursing bra, and to avoid leaks and stains, nursing pads are key. While this might not feel like a priority now, the more you’ll be out and about, the more pressing it will be, especially if you’re going back to the workplace soon. And best of all, if you opt for washable nursing pads that are eco-friendly, you can toss them in the wash without worrying about any detriment to the environment. Look for brands that get top reviews when adding an item to your preferred retailer registry.
  7. Blender for Baby Food and Business

    You want to be ready when your little one is ready to start eating simple, pureed foods like carrots. A blender will make food prep a breeze, and, as Superblenders points out, making your own baby food gives you control over the texture and the ingredients. The right food, consistency, and ingredients is critical, and many moms find making it very satisfying. If you have considered the advantages of a home-based business so you can spend more time with your baby, you might even consider becoming a baby food cooking instructor. By going this route, you can deduct items used for your business (like your blender) from your taxes.
  8. Safe Cleaning Products

    Babies getting into things they should is a basic worry that all moms experience. After all, they start putting everything in their mouths when they start exploring the world – even before they start crawling. One way you can help is to use safe and natural cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda. Washing surfaces, toys, and the like with baby-friendly cleaners will give you tremendous peace of mind.
  9. Enjoy Gentle Exercise Like Walking

    There is an outdated belief that women need to rest while breastfeeding, but a gentle exercise like walking is actually a great way to feel better and improve your recovery from the birth experience. Hit the sidewalks if you live in a walkable neighborhood, or go to your local park. Worst case scenario, mall walking is still a thing, and you can do this in any kind of weather.

Tools and Tips Make Motherhood Easier

New moms have to juggle so many responsibilities of parenthood, and breastfeeding is one of the most important. Consider things like a pump to make feedings more flexible and nursing pads to keep your clothes presentable – a must if you’ll be back in the office soon. Or if you plan to start a business from home or want to control what your baby’s first foods are, a blender might make your list of must-haves. Whatever makes sense for you belongs in your nursery.

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